100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams Wig

Wig from Uniqso
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Price: $23.90
Heat Resistant: Yes
Wig Color: Silver White
Wig Length: 30 cm

Cosplay Wig - 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams-UNIQSO
{Product Image}
{These photos show true color of wig}

Uniqso has kindly sponsored me this wig for review and here are my thoughts on it.

Upon receiving wig, it was carefully packaged so it would not get damaged in the mail. It comes unstyled and is a little more silver than what the product photo shows but when taking pictures in the wig, it does look more white but not stark white which is why I like this wig. I tend to look more yellow/orange in pure white wigs and this one is a silver white based one, so perfect for my preferences. The inside has decent amount of room for people who have long hair but the wig is not very thick, so be warned. It is thankfully not horribly thin, I would say it is between thin and medium in thickness. Though I haven't done a full styling on this wig just yet, it is pretty easy to shape in some basic styles with little product. 



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