ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth Lens Review

From: Optyk Rozmus
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My Eye Color: Dark Brown
Price: $95.99
Size: 22 mm
Water Content: 45%
Life Span: 6 Months
Prescription Available: No

ColourVue Sclera Sabretooth 22mm Contact Lenses
{Product Image}

Color: 5/5 - They are pitch black, completely opaque aside from the pupil area. Exactly like the product image.

Comfort: 4/5 - For me they felt really weird for about the first hour but they didn't hurt. Just slightly uncomfortable due to these being the first 22mm sclera lenses I have ever worn. Once I was used to them, most of the discomfort was gone and I barely noticed them.

Design: 5/5 - Not much to say aside from the fact that they are just straight up black.

Enlargement: 10/5 - These swallow up my whole eye, just like they were made to do.

Overall: 4.5/5 - I really love these and I plan to do many makeup looks/cosplays with them. Only cons I found were that they didn't come in prescription, and you can kind of see the edge of the lenses every time you blinked or looked around. Other that that, I would definitely recommend if you are brave enough~

{Taken outside}

These were sent to me by the company,
but this is my honest review.


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