ColourVue Solar Blue Contact Review

From: Optyk Rozmus
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My Eye Color: Dark Brown
Price: $21.99
Size: 14 mm
Water Content: 45 %
Life Span: 3 Months
Prescription Available: Yes

ColourVue Solar Blue Contact Lenses
{Product Image}

Color: 4.5/5 - The blue shows up surprisingly well on my eyes in most lighting but the dimmer the lighting, the less likely you'll be able to see that I have blue eyes. Maybe just a hint of a dark blue in dark light.

Comfort: 4/5 - I can wears these up to 6 hours before I get any discomfort, I never had any irritation when putting them on and they are super comfy to wear.

Design: 5/5 - Not the most natural design but I can hardly tell the difference unless I look at them real close. I personally love the design of the contacts.

Enlargement: 1/5 - These don't really give any enlargement, they have a natural size and look to them.

Overall: 4/5 - These have quickly become one of my favorite blue lenses so far and I will definitely be getting more of these in the future.

{Taken in front of  window lighting}

These were sent to me by the company,
but this is my honest review on these lenses.


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